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Skyeer for effective agriculture

Determination of compliance of plots with cadastral boundaries

Terrain information within cultivated areas

Evaluating the state of agricultural fields based on vegetation indices (NDVI etc.)

Monitoring the state of crops throughout the season

Estimation and data-based forecasting

rapid detection of vegetation level heterogeneities based on the NDVI index

identification of potentially vulnerable areas based on accurate terrain data

timely adjustment of plans for agricultural activities

forecasting crop yield based on NDVI

Analysis based on regular survey data

tracking changes in crop conditions throughout the season

analysis of the measures taken to improve the condition of oppressed areas

long-term retrospective of the state of agricultural land

Expert analysis & ReportsОтчеты

additional cartographic materials,
reports and recommendations

problem-specific maps of vegetation indices

segmentation of territories by height and density of crops and yield

detection of special areas (e.g. areas of weed vegetation)

detection of waterlogged and excessively dry soil zones

landscape analysis for erosion including sheet erosion

identification of technological shortcomings, violations