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with Skyeer technology

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Skyeer for effective construction management

Unbiased information on the state of the construction site

Instant detection of deviations from project documentation

Precise measurements of volumes, heights, areas and lengths/p>

Earthworks monitoring and work calculation

Unbiased information and variance analysis

Unbiased information on the state of the construction site

Control of construction stages and the amount of work performed

Accurate measurements of the actual sizes of objects and determination of their position in comparison with the plan

Prompt detection of discrepancies to the plan, available within 24 hours after surveing

Easy-to-use earthwork control

Accurate cut and fill measurements with simple online tools

Measuring the volume of planned and accomplished earthwork

Calculating values based on a cartogram of earthworks

Expert analysis & Reports

additional cartographic materials,
reports and recommendations

Monitoring deviations and discrepancies based on project documentation

Maps of earthworks dynamics and cartograms of earth masses

Analysis of the of buildings construction rate and monitoring the piling process

Monitoring compliance with technological standards at all stages of construction