Regular monitoring of stockpiles using drones
Full control over stockpiles directly from the office. Regardless of the size of the object – from several piles to enterprise sites.

Improve your results with Skyeer

Take your business to new heights with UA monitoring technology. Skyeer gives you the ability to plan, monitor and manage stockpiles, quickly getting accurate data from your office.
Optimize time
Use Skyeer for inventory, visual planning by fractions and materials. This is a single information space for interaction.
Cut costs
Improve planning with more accurate stock tracking, balance sheet, visibility into stockpiles movement, and boundary tracking.
Increase your income
Increase sales and product turnover with more accurate and timely data on balance, inventory and movement.
improves performance
accuracy compared to LIDAR
reduces operating costs
How it works
Digitization with drone
Scan the stockpile with UAV, or book aerial photography with Skyeer. We have scanned and analyzed over 1,000,000 hectares using professional equipment.
Cloud data processing
Shooting from the UAV is processed in the cloud: hundreds of images are turned into a digital twin of the object (2D / 3D) and displayed in a convenient working environment – the Skyeer AI-platform.
Management and control in Skyeer
The stockpile is available for monitoring and management 24/7 from anywhere in the world: accurate measurements of volumes, movements in the stockpile, receipts and balances, reports.

Regular monitoring

Track stock changes daily. Find out how to organize regular stockpile monitoring for your business.

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Features of Skyeer AI-platform for monitoring stockpiles

Skyeer – лидер
рынка аналитики геопространственных данных

01 Material balance

Accurate data on the volume of materials and fractions.

02 Movement control

Detection of all movements in automatic mode.

03 Remaining stock

Always up-to-date data on product balances and volume.

04 Reports

Consolidated information in various sections.

Material balance
Accurate data on the volume of materials and fractions.
Movement control
Detection of all movements in automatic mode.
Remaining stock
Детектирование всех перемещений в автоматическом режиме.
Consolidated information in various sections.
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Benefits in any business area

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